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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a cold and rainy easter in Dallas this year, but still managed to have a lot of fun. The kids woke to easter baskets full of goodies and presents...they really hit the jackpot. The easter bunny hid plastic eggs all around the living room and dining room, I guess he knew it would be too cold and wet to hunt outside. I was shocked at how quickly Josie slung her basket over her arm like a little Prada purse and began prancing around yelling "egg! egg!" as she picked up eggs and loaded her basket.

We attended late morning church at Northridge Presby. Josie tried out the toddler room (kids 18mo-3yrs) with a huge success. After too many Sundays with her screaming in the nursery, we thought a change would be good. She ran right in and never looked back. The couple who watched the kids during the church service commented that "You can tell she has a big brother." "She has no fear!" Not sure that it was a compliment, but they certainly were correct! She didn't want to leave when we picked her up...so I guess it's official, she has graduated from the nursery. My baby is growing up too fast.

Jack loved the butterfly release at the end of the church service. Much to his delight, a butterfly landed on his shirt and stayed for a good 10 minutes. We may have to buy some caterpillars next year and raise our own!

The afternoon brought lunch and more egg hunting with the cousins at Mo's house. (Grandma Hands). What a rowdy bunch! Josie walked around frowning at her doting cousins Brighton and Mattie until they began bribing her for her affection with cookies and easter candy. Once she had that figured out, she began working her Uncle Hunter for candy eggs. She was on a sugar high by the end of the afternoon...fun for mom!
All in all a wonderful Easter Day!

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