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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keeping up with the Williams's

My sister is a super mom. She makes her own baby food, runs her own business and of course blogs regularly. I have decided that even though I have TWO rambunctious kids and am TIRED by the end of the night, I would attempt to keep up with her and start the Hands Family Blog. I guess this will give you insight into our days and WHY I am tired!

I decided to learn how to post a video by recording Jack singing one of his many hilarious and adorable preschool songs. He often busts out with these tunes in the back seat of the car or as he is playing. The lyrics are too cute...of course Josie chimes in too...

The Color Song
I can spell RED, I can spell RED!
Fire trucks are red,
STOP signs are red,

B-L-A-C-K spells BLACK (blaaaaack (in whisper))
B-L-A-C-K spells BLACK (close to the camera...blaaaaaack)
Night skies are black,
Kitty cats are black,
B-L-A-C-K spells BLACK

B-L-U-E spells BLUE (he says b-l-r-e)
the ocean is too,
Hi Ho, did ya know,
B-L-U-E spells BLUE.

Song # 2..."A BOOM Chicka BOOM"

The words are simple, it's just...

"I say a BOOM chicka BOOM, uh huh, oh yea, all right" over and over again.

Note the different "styles" he announces:

"monster style", "underwater style", "'opera style", "kid style".

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