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Monday, May 18, 2009

The bow is in!

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with long hair. I wanted long hair! I wanted to brush it, curl it, put bows and bobbles in it. My favorite swimming teacher, who taught me to swim when no other could, had looong hair. I would have jumped off the highest high dive for her. One of my early childhood friends had a collection of decorative hair rubber bands in her top drawer that I would beg to look at every time I went to her house. My favorite "toy" as a young girl was the giant barbie head with hair that you could style. You get the picture.
So, when I had a little girl, not only was I thrilled that she was happy, healthy and adorable...but she would be able to wear pigtails, and bows....so I thought! My first issue was that until approx 5 months ago, Josie didn't have enough hair to put in any type of clip. Now that she has her "almost two attitude" putting anything on her is a challenge. I finally figured out that if she is watching a Baby Einstein show and totally transfixed, I can sneak in 30 seconds of "styling".
Here is a clip proving the bow is in! She looks sooo cute too! Little pill!

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  1. I love the half-hearted courtesy smile she gives you right before she speaks.