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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jack vs. The Golf Cart

This blog is supposed to be about the family, not just Jack...but he sure does give me a lot of material!

This past Friday, Matt took Jack golfing. They had a lovely morning until the 17th hole. Matt had just finished his putt when he told Jack to drive the cart to him. From the report I got from Matt and Jack, they had been enjoying driving the cart TOGETHER the whole round...together being the missing key component to Jack's driving on the 17th hole. Instead of heading straight for daddy, Jack turned the cart where it proceeded to go up and over the hill and straight for a water hazard. Part way into the downhill descent, Jack got scared and bailed out...the cart ran over his foot and cruised straight into the pond. No, it's not a joke...I asked the boys that at least 10 times as they told me their story.

No worries, Jack is ok, foot in tact. The cart however had to be removed with a tractor by a not- so- happy golf course worker. I am not sure the Hands family is welcome back at Keaton and could still be asked to pay for damages...we have yet to get the call. All in all it's one for the baby book! Jack will never look at golf carts the same way again. Either will I!

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  1. oh my....boys...that is really i have to say.... :)