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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"You did WHAT with the roly poly?"

One of our favorite activities at home is playing in the yard. Jack loves to turn over all of the bricks around the tree and look for snakes or other creatures. I am now desensitized from my fear of snakes thanks to Jack. I guess when you are exposed to them daily...shoved in your face..."LOOK MOM!"...you get over it! (I still don't hold them!)

Anyway, during Jack's bug adventures, he always finds roly polys (pill bugs), which are my kind of bug! I will handle those with no problem. Yesterday, Jack was doing his usual bug hunt as Josie and I played soccer. All of a sudden Jack says, "Guess what mom, I ate a roly poly!" "You did WHAT with the roly poly?" "I ate it!' "He's in my tummy now." I just stared at him for a few minutes in shock, and then busted out laughing. Raising boys is surely an adventure. I guess he got some additional protein yesterday.

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